Peter Cameron Peter Cameron

Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 16 cm

Medium: Lumina Porcelain

Springing from a paternal line of blacksmiths, Peter Cameron’s work strikes a unified relationship between form and line, echoing a deep kinship with the natural world: Cameron thinks deeply about his aesthetic: “I recently began hand-building porcelain in the Nerikomi style, staining the clay body. Beauty's backbone; symbolism is an imperative. Every One thing by necessity, refers to and needs others for the continuation of life.” If these works glower with a raw sense of place it because they hark to a particular landscape. Cameron describes Lake Mungo as a crucible. “Here time and space form a different awareness of consciousness. A real, open and reciprocal relationship forms. I've been fortunate to engage with the Muthi-Muthi, the original caretakers. Without this generosity I would not be able to produce the work you see.”

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